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Friday, October 11, 2013

RK Capital Maldives Connection

Fuad Thaufeeq
A letter from OCBC Bank addressed to Maldivian Elections Commissioner Mr. Fuad Thaufeeq notifying a Telegraphic Transfer of US $ 1.2 million was leaked out by the Maldivian Post Office officials.  The copy was bid for as high as MVR 400,000.00 but was caught on empty hook. 
The money was wired from RK Capital Management, Pembroke Bermuda.  RK Capital Management (Red Kite) is owned by Millionaire Michael Farmer, friend of British Prime Minister and Conservative Party Treasurer[1]. Party officials benefit from the RK Connection, recently, David Cameron, faced embarrassment, after it was revealed that his new party treasurer, Michael Farmer, funded his son’s membership of the notorious Bullingdon Club.

Michael Farmer

RK Capital, founded by Michael Farmer, David Lilley and Oskar Lewnowski III, (domiciled in Pembroke, Bermuda), operates from London and New York and manages more than $1 billion in three funds that trade in industrial and precious metals. He also runs London- based RK Capital Management LLP, and is active both in the church and in politics. He has given millions of pounds in donations to Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, saying it has done more than rivals to promote family values. [2]

The Elections commission of Maldives comprise of five members appointed for a term of five years by the Parliament (Majlis) of Maldives. The current was appointed on November 24, 2009 and matures on 2014. Mr. Fuad Thaufeeq the Elections Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Mr.  Ahmed Fayaaz Hassan was nominees of MDP. [3]

President Mohamed Nasheed the British public schoolboy with Tory links relied heavily on the Conservative party for its expertise in campaigning and policy development.  His election campaign was run by James McGrath, the former aide to the London mayor Boris Johnson. David Cameron even telephoned Mr. Nasheed, to congratulate him on his victory in 2008. [4]

Nasheed shocked the world by resigning on the February 07, 2012 having failed to crush the opposition led demonstrations that calling for the Criminal Court’s Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed is in custody of the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) since he was arrested against court orders on the 16th of this month.[5] An investigation into the resignation concluded its finding in the “CoNI” Report (Commission on National Inquiry) [6]

Mohamed Nasheed
Despite the several charges that were filed against Nasheed, he was permitted to contest the Presidential Elections, against the laws and regulations of Maldives.  Under pressure from the international community particularly Britain, Canada and neighboring India the authorities manipulated the situation for confirm to foreign pressure.  On numerous occasions Nasheed concealed his political intensions with religious and medical motives to leave the country avoiding court summons.   Lastly and notably he avoided the law by hiding himself in the Indian High Commission.  The Haveeru called it “refuge from the Law”[7]

MDP headed by Nasheed was good at smear campaigns.  During the 2013 Presidential campaign, MDP had a plan to win the election on the first round and called it “Eh Burun”.  This was fiddly for the average person though not for the intelligent.  Disturbing facts were revealed with the Supreme Court ruling to annul the first round of the Elections of 2013. [8]

The Presidential Elections of 2013 has been smeared with charges of deceit, fraud and enticement. Presidential Contender and Business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim filed a case against the Commission following election for fraud and enticement.

MDP sponsored Elections Commissioner and deputy had been unusually vocal.   Commission president Fuad Thaufeeq announced that the runoff would be held on Saturday despite the Supreme Court injunction[9] although he later surrendered to the SC ruling.  

Notice of the telegraphic transfer to Mr. Fuad Thaufeeq had come on the eve of the Presidential Election (28/08/2013).  The first round of voting took place on the (07/09/2013). To authenticate the document we contacted Commissioner Fuad Thaufeeq, he refused to comment on it.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ahmed Shaheed called on India to invoke R2P on Maldives

For many Maldivians and many others an abbreviation such as “R2P” meant nothing.  It could have meant anything from “Raised to Power” to “Rent for two people” and “Resolutions to problems”. It could have meant a whole lot more. Who would believe it meant “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). Dr. Ahmed Shaheed in a tweet made on September 26, 2013  said “CMAG must suspend the Maldives from CW n request India to invoke R2P! Ahmed Shaheed.” @ahmedshaheed  

Ahmed Shaheed
He is better known in Maldives as a dubious and unstable personality involved in the evolution and the demolition of systems, the setting up and derailing of processes and the establishment and dismantling organizations.  Prior to his appointment as Foreign Minister, Dr. Shaheed served as Government Spokesperson to President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. MDP accused him of being the chief "spin doctor" for President Maumoon. 

He co-founded the New Maldives movement and spearheaded the Gaumee Party that sealed the fate of the Gayoom Administration.   On August 21, 2007, Shaheed resigned as Foreign Minister ahead of a second due motion of no-confidence against him tabled in the Majlis.  Gayoom was defeated in the October 2008 presidential election, his successor Mohamed Nasheed, reappointed Shaheed as Foreign Minister in November 2008. Shaheed faced a no confidence motions against him again.  He resigned as Foreign Minister for a second time, to avoid shame from a motion tabled in the Majlis against him, as Foreign Minister in Nasheed’s Government.  He was succeeded by Ahmed Naseem and remained in office until Nasheed’s Resignation on February 7, 2012. 

Shaheed’s career as a diplomat exposed him as much as he got exposure. He learned the diplomatic and Foreign Service language.  Shaheed was never received well by peers and his contemporaries.  Dr. Hassan Saeed’s comment on his onetime colleague and running mate during the 2008 Presidential Race was “He cannot be trusted. Shaheed always had his personal vested interest before anything on every agenda”.  Saeed attributes his failure to rise up to competitive levels to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed. 

Sources close to MDP and fmr. President Mohamed Nasheed maintains that Dr. Ahmed Shaheed’s assignment abroad as UN Rapporteur to Iran came during a much needed time. Iran refused Dr. Shaheed. They believe that Dr. Shaheed’s idle status within the government was creating disturbing scenarios.  One official who did not want to be named said “I am happy he is out of Maldives. We were having tons of problems with this man around. He is MAD “Mutually Aspired Destruction” Thank God he is out of the way”

Nasheed too was swift to move Dr. Shaheed out of the way and out of the country.  Now operating from afar, Shaheed still tries to be a factor in Maldivian politics.   This particular tweet was supposed to trigger an upheaval and reaction from the government.  The Government wisely played it down.  Few local online news media picked up the tweet, but did not meet expectations. 
Shaheed Rapporteur Special for Iran.
he was refused entry visa to Iran 
Shaheed never had an in-depth understanding of the term “R2P” and perhaps that is why he “request India to invoke R2P!” Perhaps he never realized that calling on a foreign government to invoke R2P tantamount to a call for occupation?  It is an act of treason and such people are considered traitors. 

A decision for R2P is taken by the Security Council after lengthy deliberation.  R2P focuses on preventing and halting four crimes: Genocide, War crimes, Crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing, which is placed under the generic umbrella term of “Mass Atrocity Crimes”. 

The R2P has three "pillars"
1. A state has a responsibility to protect its population from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing.
2. The international community has a responsibility to assist the state to fulfill its primary responsibility.
3. If the state manifestly fails to protect its citizens from the four above mass atrocities and peaceful measures have failed, the international community has the responsibility to intervene through coercive measures such as economic sanctions. Military intervention is considered the last resort.
If the collective decision of the Commonwealth Ministers Action Group (CMAG) was to be a wee bit foolish than that of Ahmed Shaheed’s , then the CW spearheaded by the Canadian Foreign Minister, CMAG may consider putting Maldives on their “Agenda” again.   Whilst the possibility exists, it is noteworthy to state that such a move would force Maldives to decide pulling out of the “neo-colonial Club.”
Recently, commonwealth has been displaying an uneasiness to remove its colonial overcoat and overcome the pompous attitudes of the past. Recognizing this, the leader of the tiny West African nation President Jammeh quit his country’s membership of the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth is not a popular organization among the people of Maldives.  President Gayoom made the decision to join, to satisfy his ego and pride getting photographed standing beside the aging Queen.  What benefit did the common Maldivian get from been a member of the Commonwealth no other practical purpose. For all good intensions and purposes Maldivians should opt OUT NOW. 

His R2P call to India is nothing but a display of Shaheed ignorance and his petty state of mind.  The Indian Government is fully aware of the terms and obligations and its scope 

The second marriage ended in disaster
Shaheed continues to consolidate the conflict within him as he had to go through the difficult and uncertain days.  Maldivians are calling on the government and immigration authorities to strip Dr. Shaheed off his citizenship and recall the travel documents and NIC issued to him.

Friday, September 27, 2013

British and Indian interests not secured in the 2013 Election in Maldives

Mohamed Nasheed 
The Maldivian Democratic Party, fore-runner in the 2013 Presidential Elections called for a nationwide protest after The Supreme Court on Monday night suspended the run-off while it examines a complaint about the first round of voting by the third-placed defeated candidate, business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim. 
Jumhoori party called for the results to be annulled because of major fraud in the electoral rolls and claimed they have credible evidence of organized mass scale rigging conducted by the Commission Officials.

Commonwealth golden boy flagged
The Commonwealth expressed deep concern without consideration to any circumstances of fraud during the Poll. The Statement issued by the Commonwealth group of countries, which has been monitoring the polls was strongly worded and damning. It said talk of annulling the election was "deeply worrying. The people of Maldives worked hard to get a democratic constitution, they want it respected and it is their right that the elections deliver a result that reflects the wishes of the majority,"  Whilst the majority of 11000 voters, opposed Nasheed’s comeback to office, the Commonwealth’s lack understanding of majority and minority led them to publish a statement supposedly on behalf of the people of Maldives more than their own Supreme court who’s decision that was welcome by all the parties other than the CW favorite, former president Mohamed Nasheed who also slammed the injunction suspending Saturday's run-off vote as undemocratic and the work of a "kangaroo court".

Recently however, the Commonwealth has repeatedly been interfering in the domestic affairs of the Maldives, in the guise of democracy and gone as far as issuing statements in mockery of democracy where all disputes are settled by the courts. This was true when CW favorite Nasheed resigned from President on February 07, 2011. Overwhelmed with sentiment and apprehension Commonwealth Envoy Don McKinnon said in a statement "No election anywhere is going to be absolutely perfect and there was no evidence or claim before the election that the voter register was manifestly so deficient as to distort the outcome."

The Commonwealth, a grouping of former British territories and countries, sent the largest contingent of foreign observers for the first round. They reported the voting as fair and credible. Among other were India and the United Nations. Except for Indian GMR experts planted deep inside the EC no foreign observers were privy to the scandalous scale of rigging that was conducted by the officials from within the Commission.
Dark forces working for the Indian interests funded by GMR again did the inevitable. I is not conceivable for CW favourite Nasheed could have got away in first round on September 7 with 45.45 percent if the counting and subsequent consolidation came out clean.  The calm and orderly conduct of business on that fatal September 7 did bear testament to something murky and mysterious was happening. MDP comes against a backdrop of only 45000 registered members in his party.
The ballot count took less than a day; the EC of Maldives refused a recount on the grounds it will take more than six months. With the Supreme Court involved in the issue, it is expected to reveal many of those murky and mysterious activities that the EC officials engaged in. This will shrink the chances of rigging on that stupendous scale as was conducted on the first round.  CW favourite now faces a run-off against Abdullah Yameen, the half-brother of the islands' former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. With or without the Supreme Court’s verdict, and more secure and clear conditions in place, PPM expects to win this election with an overwhelming majority.
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
former President of Maldives 

"There is nothing unconstitutional in the Supreme Court's order" said an official of the Maldivian Government.  "We call upon The Commonwealth group of Countries, the United Nation an countries such as Britain and Germany to read and understand our constitution first and stop making statements that are unconstitutional, for it only display their ignorance and gluttony."  Nasheed, resigned in February last year following his failure to curb the 26 days of demonstrations that was held in Male in protest against him having kidnapped a sitting judge. He later denounced it as a "coup", saying his resignation was tendered under duress in a process orchestrated by Gayoom. He later accused his own deputy who was constitutionally installed as president immediately afterwards as the “coup leader”.

India is the greatest looser in this ordeal. The contract with GMR was terminated by the Waheed Administration on the grounds that the agreement was “Void- ab- Initio” the term legally means “to be treated as invalid from the outset”. Indian efforts to compromise and re-negotiate fell on desert ground.  Nasheed who promised to restore the GMR agreement was fluffily financed by the GMR to turn out the winner in the 2013 Presidential Race.  The Indian effort was not just single fold.  They had a multi-fold approach.  During an official visit to India in mid-2013, Mr. Gayoom was told by Indian officials at any cost we want to ensure that Waheed is not elected.” They also invited Hon. Gasim Ibrahim to dissuade him from forming a coalition with incumbent President, which he did.
Indian High Commission in Male

It is also mindful of China’s expanding influence in the region and many warn the Maldives could become another a Beijing’s stooge sitting in the peripherals of what New Delhi’s calls National Defense periphery.  The Indian media talk about a Chinese submarine base being built in the Maldives,  an idea that was floated by the Nasheed regime, by his then Defense Minister now a member of Jumhoori Alliance promoting Gasim for President. 
India enjoyed greater influence in the Maldives when Nasheed was in power. He has been a vocal supporter of GMR’s right to continue with developing the Male airport, which is seen as a reason for New Delhi’s involvement in the local politics.

Britain and the Western European countries expressing support for Mr. Nasheed is less based on military and security grounds, more so than the appetite for a share of the wealth from the emerging Tourism Super Zone in the Indian Ocean led by Maldives. Nasheed is viewed as accommodating foreign influence for his personal interest more so than protecting and preserving the national sovereignty, it's status and the regional identity Maldives have attained.  Nasheed was described by one GMR official as “a good friend who will do a favor for a few dollars more.”


Thursday, May 9, 2013

A letter to Heywalla on ACC corruption

Of all the parasites that affect humanity I do not know of, nor can I imagine, any more distressing than that of Corruption, and having emerged from a very long vindication in this affliction, I am desirous of circulating my humble knowledge and experience from the vindication of the ACC(Anti Corruption Commission), for the benefit of other targeted citizens, with an earnest hope that it may lead to the same persistence and perseverance I now feel to bring this extraordinary change to fight against the rouge Anti Corruption Commission in the Maldives—which might be seem as difficult, but it can be accomplished by the most simple common-sense means.

The dirty work of Hassan Lutufi and Muaffizu at the Anti Corruption Commission, is not properly tackled by the Majlis and the public in generally. Because of this the insider corruption have hit upon the cause for so lamentable a disease in these guys, they have effectively applied strategies to keep the Parliament and the concerned others in check.

The ACC have spent their injudicious indulgence, in  remarks and sneers against peace loving individuals, frequently painful in society, and which, even on the strongest mind, have an unhappy effect; but I  sincerely trust this final humble effort at exposing this
corrupt organization may lead to a still more perfect ventilation of the subject and a better feeling for the innocent Maldivians affected by the creatureous ACC.

I had only my personal experience to offer as the stepping-stone to public investigation, and to proceed with my narrative of facts, earnestly hoping that the reader would patiently peruse and thoughtfully consider it, with forbearance for any fault of style or
diction, and for any seeming presumption in publishing it, which I still entreat for this further edition.

I felt some difficulty in deciding on the proper and best course of action. At one time I thought the Editor of Haveeru would kindly publish a letter from me on the subject, but further reflection led me to doubt whether so insignificant an individual would be noticed without some special introduction. Also given the status quo that Haveeru Editors are on the payroll of the architect of corruption Mr. Nazim( Jangiyaa).

I read with much interest an article on the subject in Heywalla 2013—defining tolerably well the effects, of the work of ACC and their Boss Nazim, but offering no tangible remedy, or even positive solution to the problem —“What is the Cause of Corruption in the Maldives~“ I was pleased with the article as a whole, but objected to some portions of it, and thought of writing this letter to the Editor of this blog offering my experience on the subject, but again it struck me that an unknown individual like myself would have but little prospect of notice; so I finally resolved to publish anyway. this my humble letter, with no other reason, motive, or expectation than an earnest desire to help those who happened to be targeted by the ACC as I was, for that corpulence was remediable I was well convinced.

(Thank you for your letter... This is a presentation of a Maldivian who wish to remain annonymous)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Maldivian Epitaph

Luthufi of ACC
Nazim has the Remote
MP Nazim
The once "heaven on earth" society (Maldives) is slowly and assiduously slipping into anarchy, infested with corruption, death threats and murder, where ordinary middle income citizens are living in fear and anxiety of reprisals of the gangs organized and controlled by the very people chosen by them in naivety to protect and care for them. Concerned citizen wonder if the silent and peace loving majority could make a difference, or is it too early to say anything just now.
MP Moosa Manik
Son-in-law accused of Murder
of MP Hon Afraasheen
Witnessing the happening in Maldives is frightening. More frightening and threatening is the multi-million dollar operation in bootlegging, prostitution and gambling dominated by organized gangs controlled by Parliament Members and Politicians. It is evident today politicians were responsible for the brutal murder of fellow parliamentarian Hon. Afraasheen Ali,  Investigations revealed that order was given for the assassination of seven other members too. To date nobody has been indicted. The Police Investigation Team with the assistance of global expertise like the FBI, and Interpol hasn't so far identified the real culprit(s) of this murder. But why is this so?, in actual sense, the whole story is with the investigation team of the Police, due to the nature of parliamentarians involved the " fear factor" is playing a critical role in exposing the real people behind the scene.
It's like the Red Riding Hood story, where the Police ask the wolf in grandmother’s clothes, "what big ears have you got grandma?", and the wolf replies all the better to hear everything. But comes short of asking the real question, “what big teeth have you got grandma?” why because this time it's not the innocent Little Red Riding Hood, but the Investigating Team of the Police, for they know the answer of the question would be to all the better to eat you.
former President Nasheed
called two kill shots in Maldives
Hence fear of losing their livelihood they come short of asking the real question and the wolf lives to eat more and more. Like the silence of the Lambs we just cuddle around and let the BIG BAD WOLF eat one of us.
This is done very professionally in this age in time. Hence they use the independent commissions, agencies and the various gangs to pursue their objectives. This is exactly why I doubt if the silent majority could make a difference.

Rufiyaa Exchanges hand for
personal gain of the Wolves.
A Nation of sheep will beget a government of Wolves. A healthy democracy requires a decent society, it requires that we are honorable, generous and respectful and law abiding. Do you as Maldivians see these qualities in our Parliamentarians, Independent Institution members, or the Government?

The answer is blowing in the wind.
"How many times must a man look up?
Before he can see the sky?
Yes, 'n' how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowing' in the wind
The answer is blowing' in the wind" Bob Dylan.

Will you still vote for these BIG BAD WOLVES? The answer is with you

Friday, March 29, 2013

Anti-Corruption Commission; The Bedrock of Corruption in Maldives

The Anti-Corruption Commission , Maldives
If you want to know who is behind the dirty politics, follow the money trail. Maldives has fallen prey to dirty politics. Some have fallen victims (those who did not want to join the dirty politics) and those who stood to benefit (those who joined the dirty political band wagon). Amongst the many that joined the dirty politics, was the very institution that was set up to follow the money trail and catch the dirty politicians systematically. It became the arm that assist and provide cover for the dirty politicians.  Is this the mission for which the ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION of Maldives was setup?
Today it is popularly known among Maldivians as the BRIBE COMMISSION.  It is headed by Mohamed Luthufi who once worked as an auditor and became tantalized with huge amounts of money that was siphoned by the Government officials. Luthufi made it his objective in life to get into the commission to be part of this siphoning of state funds.
Rufiyaa Changes Hands in ACC
Luthuli was selected to the Anti-Corruption Commission by the opposition parties during President Nasheed's Administration, to steer the course of the independent institutions to a moral setting and exposing corruption in government. President Nasheed ingeniously  saw it as a plus point to archive his goals of destroying Maldives, been a descendent of the rouge family that failed to bring about a revolution despite several attempts.

Members of the ACC or Bribe Commission as commonly known, like Muaffiz, Abdulla Hilmy, Khadija, had corrupt records and they had mastered the art of indulgence keeping themselves aloof of the law. Nasheed's decision may have been based on his conviction of the old saying, "set a thief to catch a thief". Unfortunately these thieves did not catch thieves, they joined the bandwagon and facilitated the campaign of terrorizing civil servants by aiding and abetting corrupt rouges.
Members of Anti-Corruption Commission summoned to
Parliament Sub Committee to Account for Corruption Charges
levied against the Commission - 2012.
Today the Anti-Corruption Commission members has collecting agents, (just like the mafia when they were forming in their initial stages), who threatened innocent workers and have corruption cases filed with the corrupt Anti-Corruption Commission, and promise any such case would be smoothed out if a payment could be made.
Innocent civil servants wonder in panic what it would take to protect their reputation; many would agree to pay an amount. But those adamant would stick to their virtues and refuse to pay any bribe to the commission's agents. Such civil servants would face the wrath of the Commission and they would move to implicate the victims with some bygone issue or incident even without a proper basis by concluding that the Commission saw it as corruption without even undertaking a proper investigation.  Then, in a calculated effort to assassinate the character of such persons, ACC would make announcements over the public media implicating and threatening victims with the possibility of having the charges pressed through the Prosecutor General.

Prosecutor-General Mr. Muizz
The proceeds of the bribe collected by the erratic behavior of ACC are shared with some very distinguished parliamentarians. Statistics show that almost 70 % of the so called cases put forward by ACC is thrown out by the court. It is a true manifestation that what ACC does of just dusting the Pompeii.
Corruption can be defined as misuse of power derived from your official portfolio for private gain or advantage. Isn't this what the Members of the ACC is actually doing?  This is the state of our nation living the love story with its new found democracy. The organization established eradicate corruption in Maldives is the very organization blackmailing ordinary working citizens and collecting bribes for their personal gain.
Ordinary Maldivians believe that the appointment of the present ACC with Hassan Luthufi as its leader, corruption in Maldives has increased by 56 percent. Bribes paid off to ACC officials increased by 34 percent and surprisingly was from the lowest income quintile. Transparency International’s survey evidently referred to people who responded that they paid the bribes to ACC to avoid a problem with the authorities. The report also indicated that 90 percent of people thought that ordinary people can make a difference by standing up to the treats of ACC, and refuse to pay bribes

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Maldives - Is it corrupt?

Nasheed enjoying the "Idiots Dance"
President Nasheed's three years in office was the most grief-stricken era in the history of Maldives. Nasheed's government nominated officials to independent institutions vested with broad powers to oversee the functioning of the government. However, to the dismay of the helpless citizens, Nasheed ingeniously grabbed the opportunity to recruit his cronies so his party’s involvement in massive corruption to make the party wealthy will have no repercussions.

This is evident looking at the status of the nation’s economy. The national debt went from 5Billion Rufiyaa to 26Billion Rufiyaa. State owned enterprises were squandered mercilessly; some even had to declare bankruptcy. Selling the airport to GMR is a classic example. The SAARC convention held in Addu Atoll at the cost of MVR. 1Billion, and on goes the list.
All these cases were filed with the anti-corruption commission, but none of them were investigated to date. I am surprised why the Anti-Corruption Commission is refusing to look into these cases. Investigating the truth behind this reluctance, the unfolding story was shocking and disturbing. Hence I decided that it’s my duty to put this into paper and inform the Maldivian public of the “Maldivian Free Masons” that has come into existence with the new found love affair with democracy in Maldives. Illuminati
Hon. Ahmed Nazim (Jangiya)
 Deputy Speaker of the
Peoples Majlis  and
This MFM as they call themselves has infiltrated to almost all the independent commissions, particularly the Anti-Corruption Commission, where the President of the Commission Abdulla Luthufi is a board member of the Maldivian Free Masons. The connection between the political parties and the MFM is even more shocking. ACC President Luthufi a member of PPM, the Deputy President of ACC is a member of the MDP. Both these parties systematically control the anti-corruption schemes and schedules. They decide what’s to be investigated and what not to be. Both leaders report to Jangiyaa Nazim who is the designated Chief Executive of the MFM Board. Nazim is also the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament.

The MFM board is composed of Abdulla Shaahid Vice Chairman ( Speaker of the Majlis)  Jangiyaa Nazim CEO ( Deputy Speaker Majlis ) Ibrahim Husain Zaki (MDP STRONGMAN and advisor to President Nasheed) Other hidden members were not exposed as they were too inside to be exposed.

President of ACC
Abdulla Luthufi
member of PPM
ACC takes instructions from Jangiyaa Nazim on cases that has to be under taken, and on the people whose integrity to be tarnished. Abdulla Luthufi follows instructions judiciously and execute. The MFM believes that in so doing, they could keep the government officials in check allowing them to manipulate the nation’s financial resources for their own gains. The MFM has employed their henchmen in state owned enterprises to sniff out funds. Since the appointment of the current members to ACC, the Maldives corruption index went up on the world corruption index.
It's a sad reality, but how many of us know this. The MFM has systematically filtered into every vital institutions of the nation. I only hope and pray that they don't get into hospitals which could mean our kidneys and vital organs could be sold for a price.

Ibrahim Ali